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I Didn't Stick To Sports For This Tweet, And It Backfired

My brain is all in on March mode this time of year, and with that, random college basketball facts and memories will pop up in my head. One that came up this morning was referring to a segment that ESPN used to run when Barack Obama was the President of the United States: "BARACKETOLOGY." Andy Katz would head to the White House each year and help President Obama fill out his NCAA Tournament Bracket. You can watch the entire 2012 version of the segment right here:

I made it very clear at the top of the tweet above that this was NOT meant to be political at all. It was objectively ~very cool~ to see the President of the United States filling out a March Madness Bracket. It is very relatable, as millions of people do the same exact thing each and every year. 

But based off the response to my tweet, I made a giant mistake. That's because the "stick to sports" folks took centerstage in my replies...

These are some of the funnier replies, but there are plenty of others (that I am not including here) that sparked legitimate political debates between AWL's. My question to that: WHY?!?! Can't we agree that it is objectively cool to see the President of our country filling out a bracket? If Trump or Biden did the same thing, I would still watch it and enjoy it (although they'd have to think deep about having a better name than BARACKETOLOGY).

One more thing: we should have called him Ba-Chalk Obama. He never picked big upsets. NEVER!