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JJ Redick Ripped Kendrick Perkins Apart On Live Television For His Insane MVP Takes

Jesse D. Garrabrant. Getty Images.

With each passing day, it seems like we get more and more toxic discussions around the NBA MVP. That's nothing new, but it does feel especially nasty these last few seasons for whatever reason. 

One of the louder voices in the media when it comes to the topic of MVP is Perk. He's certainly built a reputation for himself that he's willing to go on TV and just say whatever, and it's obvious that ESPN loves that. It brings in ratings, engagement etc, which is his role at the network. Even that includes making up insane narratives. The thing to remember with all these talking head shows is it's not about being right, it's about entertainment and engagement. There's a reason the Skip Bayless's and the Nick Wright's of the world exist.

Enter JJ Redick. He's a guy that most consider a breath of fresh air when it comes to these talking head shows, because he actually operates in reality. He's not just a guy who knows a shit ton of basketball, but his opinions are based in facts. It's what made his beef with Perk of MVP so weird. Well today, it was clear JJ had enough of the bullshit

Now maybe you aren't aware of everything Perk has been saying in regards to this award. First it was that Jokic was actually stat padding and his triple double average wasn't that impressive. That's an insane take in and of itself, but then he doubled down with this video

Yikes. You'll be shocked to learn that Perk deleted the video, probably because ESPN called him and asked what the fuck he was thinking.

Knowing that this happened and exists, I'm not sure why Perk is getting so mad in this video? He did exactly what JJ is describing. If he was speaking "facts" why did he delete the video? 

I think my favorite part of that video was Stephen A though. That man wanted NO part of what was going on, and I consider that the upset of the century. Even he knew to stay away from that stuff which just goes to show you how insane of a take it was.

In the end, I think we can all agree that things are only going to escalate over the final 16ish games of the season when it comes to the MVP. Some consider Jokic a runaway at this point, but Giannis/Embiid definitely have time to strengthen their case. I just wish this didn't turn into such a toxic topic because we're talking about some of the best players to ever play in the NBA. Why can't we just appreciate this insane level of basketball? Everything instead is about chopping one guy down to prop up the other, making up weird narratives just because you want your guy to win, it's all so depressing.