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Elon Musk is in a Twitter Beef With an Employee He Just Fired and it is Bonkers

Jonathan Raa. Shutterstock Images.

Maybe it's just because I'm somebody who spends every day screwing around on the internet, tells jokes in nightclubs a few times a month, and rarely does anything else, that I'm easily impressed by accomplished people. Those multitaskers who seem to somehow have 100 hours every day to our 24, and spend every minute of that extra time accomplishing the impossible. 

In the case of the Tony Stark of our version of the Multiverse, Elon Musk, he somehow finds the time to launch rockets:

… land their boosters on a platform like a bean bag on a cornhole board:

… and put more satellites into orbit than Earth had in Wall-E:

If that were me, I'd put my feet up, pour a Guinness, and spend the rest of March celebrating St. Patrick's Month. And yet somehow Musk finds the time for the one activity most of us normies are to stop doing altogether. Fighting with people on Twitter. In this case, someone who apparently is a former employee. Or not. That seems to be what the beef is about:


Like virtually all of you, I'm not in the 0.01% of Musk's followers who understand a syllable of the jargon these two are using. To my state college (un)educated brain, it's just that technobabble that Scotty or Giordi spit out about the Enterprise engines, rerouting the power couplings to reverse the polarity on the merklejammer circuits, and all that. But we can all understand the context. And with all due respect to this design crit-leader/hiring manager, right from the opening bell, it's clear he was Marvin Frazier getting trapped in the corner by Mike Tyson. The deft us of that Office Space clip made his knees wobbly.

And then came the knockout combination that finished him in 30 seconds of Round 1:

I get that a not insignificant number of people are angry and upset that Musk bought Twitter because he's unbanned some accounts they would prefer remain silenced. But take a step back, put the politics aside, and tell me he's not the perfect guy to be running this particular Thunderdome. 


First of all, because Musk speaks the language of Twitter better than anybody in the game. From Dad Jokes that are marginally better than the ones your retired uncle who watches Fox News all day won't stop sending you:

Blowing off his harshest media critics with a sarcastic, zero effort flick of the wrist:

To grappling with a former employee in the very mudpit the guy once worked in but Elon Musk owns. Both literally and in the figurative sense of simply being better at it than any other multi-billionaire, mogul, visionary, philanthropist, entrepreneur, weirdo and possible alien. My condolences to this @Halli for losing his job. That's a tough break no matter what his contributions to the company may or may not have been. But he's got to know better than to get into a Twitter fight with a man who lives for them. If gravity can't stop Musk, what chance does a design projects prioritization guy have?