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Absolutely HORRIFYING Video Of A Man Trying To Hijack A Flight Mid-Air And Rush Cockpit

Where is Mark Wahlberg when you need him?

Francisco Severo Torres...aka Baltazar(according to him) and the son of Dracula (according to him). I can't even imagine how I would feel watching that unfold at 30,000 feet in the air. I know how I would probably act though...exactly like the three guys sitting in front of him. Annoyed, but largely unbothered and completely desensitized to mental health outbreaks. You could probably get a video like this on the street in any major city every single day. Mental health issues, which even though I am not a doctor I feel comfortable assuming this man has severe mental health issues, are so rampant that a man ranting about the government, his father, and claiming that he is going to kill everyone is only going viral because of the setting. Doing it at 30,000 in a post 9/11 reality is what shoots the fear through your body while watching this video. You see this exact same speech on the corner of State and Lake, you probably give the guy a wide berth as you pass him on the sidewalk as you get to your uber, but you keep your head down and completely forget about him by the time you get to your door. That is the state of things in this country in 2023. 

Hopefully everyone on board is okay and Francisco gets the help he needs while serving time.