Danny Dimes Gets DOLLARS As The Giants Sign Daniel Jones To A 4 Year, $160 Million Deal While Saquon Barkley Gets Hit With The Franchise Tag


Once again, I am fully prepared for all the people trashing Daniel Jones on social media after the Giants turned Danny Dimes into Danny Dollas by backing up the Brinks truck to his house after leading the Giants to their first playoff victory since Super Bowl XLVI 11(!!!) years ago. 

My little lamb was clowned for months after the Giants drafted him before putting together a rookie season where he threw for 24 touchdowns in 13 games. He then took the brunt of the criticism for running the offense that Jason Garrett's unimaginative ass called with an aging Golden Tate and stone hands Evan Engram as his two most "reliable" receiving options behind an offensive line that somehow got worse by a GM who said his first order of business was to fix said offensive line.

Then when Daniel Jones actually had a coach that knew his ass from his elbow, he had by far the best season of his career as a double threat that led his team to the playoffs and finally ended The Boat Curse from haunting Big Blue. Oh yeah and he did it with a receivers room so bad, Isaiah Hodgins felt like Jerry Rice once the Giants scooped him up from the Bills practice squad and inserted him in the lineup, that had Giants fans feeling like this by the end of the regular season.


But I imagine we are back to square one now that Daniel is going to be getting paid like a starting quarterback not on his rookie deal, so it's time to get ready for some Giants fans to lose their minds every time a throw incomplete pass since a bunch of them were whining that his agents had the NERVE to negotiate his contract until the last minute, after may I remind you they (rightfully) turned down his 5th year option.

A few thoughts on Daniel's contract:

- First of all, let’s wait until we see the guarantees before we act like we have the faintest idea what this deal looks like.

UPDATE: Joe Schoen is a God

- Second of all, we are never going to get back the last few months of our lives of people constantly debating if Daniel Jones should make $35 million, $40 million, or $1 kabillion dollars a year despite having absolutely no power over those negotiations. Not that we will learn from it. The next time a quarterback that is viewed as less than elite is asking for more money than most of us will see in our lives, we freak the fuck out about it.

The bottom line is the salary cap is going to go up a ton in the coming years and the quarterback market is going to hit new highs after Lamar/Burrow/Herbert/etc. sign their upcoming deals because it's the most important position in sports, which will have this Jones deal in the middle of the pack by next year at the absolute latest.

- Speaking of those three QBs, the guys at Talkin' Giants did a great breakdown about how paying a quarterback a lot of money on your cap doesn't stop smart teams from trying to upgrade at the position if they see a quarterback they like considering the Ravens were paying Joe Flacco when they drafted Lamar, the Bengals were paying Andy Dalton when they drafted Burrow, and the Chargers were paying Philip Rivers when they drafted Herbert. Even this year's Super Bowl quarterbacks were drafted by their teams when they were paying another QB a bunch of money (Alex Smith for the Chiefs and Carson Wentz for the Eagles).


Signing Daniel Jones to a long-term deal doesn't mean he has to be your guy forever. He's just your guy until you find the next guy....or until he wins you a motherfucking Super Bowl.

- The other two quarterbacks in free agency much closer to Jones' current salary range signed for this:

Those two quarterbacks are going to be 32 and 33 during next season, while Daniel Jones will be 26. Daniel Jones is also the only quarterback out of those three to improve as the season went along AND win a playoff game in his career. These are all just numbers, but as my coworker once said, Numbers Never Lie...

- I find it weird that Giants fans say they trust Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll but then say they are worried about their decision making when they re-sign the QB that took them to the playoffs last season and showed marked improvement his first year in the system despite having less weapons than Switzerland.


If dropping all this cash in Daniel Jones' bank account doesn't tell you that these guys believe in Daniel Jones, I don't know what to tell you. Joe Schoen has already shown a bunch of times that he will gladly shed cash for the longterm financial health of the Giants over doing something to help them in the short term and I don't think Schoen would've offered this contract if Brian Daboll didn't want Jones back. Quarterbacks that are 6'5", 220 lbs. that can throw the ball and run the ball aren't exactly easy to find. Danny does both and has a flawless reputation for working his ass off as well as being beloved by his teammates.

- As for the best weapon Jones has around him, it sucks for Saquon he got the tag, but that’s just life as a running back in the NFL these days. Jones signing without being tagged was so big so they could lock up Saquon without working out a long term deal, which he will only get if he lands at a number Joe Schoen is comfortable with or he learns a new position that the NFL calues significantly more.

- I know we always compare Daniel Jones to what Eli Manning was because I'm pretty sure Daniel was made as an Eli clone by Archie to strengthen the Mannings' grasp on the New York market.

But instead of expecting Daniel Jones to become a QB that never missed a game due to injury and won two Super Bowls against the greatest NFL dynasty we will ever see, why can't we hope he can become a Phil Simms with the Giants and help lead a talented roster to the playoffs that hopefully ends with a Lombardi Trophy?

The Giants are going to have to crush their drafts and have a million other things break their way to win a title, regardless of if Jones was making $40 million a year or $4 million. I'm much more concerned about that than the young QB the Giants just re-signed, even though I have total faith in this handsome son of a bitch.

Michael Hickey. Getty Images.


- I don't know what the Giants cap will look like after Danny signs his deal and Saquon signs/is tagged. But please for the love of GOD, use a chunk of that cash and/or draft capital to get pass catchers along with a few more capable lockers for you new hundred million dollar man. 

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