Rumors Are Swirling That The Titans Are Openly Shopping Derrick Henry

Annnnnd this is my nightmare as a Titans fan. A couple different outlets came out on Monday saying that during the combine the Titans were letting teams know they were shopping Derrick Henry and that terrifies me. I get why they are thinking about it, a new GM coming in with a 29-year old running back who is scheduled to make $10.5 Million this year and none of that cash is guaranteed. They'd save a little more than $6 Million if they traded him which to me doesn't seem worth it. If they were saving a ton more it would make sense but this isn't the move you want to make just to save $6 million. You want to fracture a fanbase that is already on edge? Make the trade. 

And to make it worse, the Eagles are one of the top teams projected to make a move for Henry. While there is no real substance there I don't know if I could live with myself knowing the Titans traded the best wide receiver and best running back in franchise history to the same team in back-to-back offseasons. The Bills, Saints, Bears, and Dolphins were also mentioned as teams that should pursue Henry.

This team isn't going to win a Super Bowl with this squad, certainly not after moving A.J. Brown last year but they aren't doing anything with this team and how it's built. But I could not swallow seeing Henry moved for some mid-round pick. It's not like he is declining at a rapid rate, he finished 2nd in the league in rushing even with missing a game with 1,538 yards behind an absolutely horrible offensive line. He isn't your standard 30-year old RB. So again I understand why you would think about trading him and if some team is dumb enough to move a first rounder or package some picks together I think you have to consider it, but if you're just going to trade him to save $6 Million and get a 4th round pick I think it is an awful move. I'd rather have Derrick Henry lined up back there instead of a team saving $6 Million.

He's the best running back in football and has been for sometime now, a fan favorite, face of the franchise and has a good chance to end up in Canton, you can't just trade him to save pennies.