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Big Cat Is Donating $10,000 to Hogs For the Cause When I Run a 10k In Under 60 Minutes on April 8th

I announced on the Barstool Yak yesterday that I am going to run the Crescent City 10k in New Orleans on Saturday April 8th to raise money for Hogs For The Cause. (Hogs raises millions of dollars to help families fighting child cancer)

In typical Barstool Sports fashion, Big Cat and the boys immediately started setting lines on my potential time in the 6.2 mile race. 

I initially went conservative with 69 minutes. I have some stamina but usually jog miles at an 11-12 minute pace. Big Cat was having absolutely none of it.

He then offered to donate $10,000 to Hogs if I ran it in under 60 minutes which is about a 9:40 pace. Keep in mind that I am 5'10 and 255 pounds. That is no easy feat.

He wanted me to go all in blind every hand in the WSOP Main Event as punishment if I did not make the 60 minutes but he relented to 2 other WSOP tourneys this summer.

The Yak put up a poll on Twitter and there does not seem to be a lot of faith in me to get this 10k done in under an hour.

83.3% of people in this poll are about to look like fools cause I am not letting these kids down. This is about more than me. I am lucky as hell to have this platform and I am going to use it do some good.

I am making a couple of immediate changes. No more running on treadmills unless it is raining, I gotta run outside. And I am focusing more on pace than distance. I have to get my body used to 10 minute miles.

Yesterday I pushed it really hard on the New Orleans Street Car Line on St Charles and ran 3 miles in 32 minutes which equates to about at 65-66 min pace. It was humid and I was gassed at the end. But I would def say that is a solid start 5 weeks out from the race.

I will have a Hogs Fundraiser link up soon to accept donations. Together, we can do something great. Donations as low as $5 still add up and there is strength in numbers!

The festival is March 31st and April 1st at UNO Lakefront in New Orleans.

90 BBQ Teams, a great music lineup and a massive two day party to raise $$$ for child cancer. What could possibly be better? Buy tickets today!

And last but not least…..