LeBron Keeps Expectations Low, Only Says Bronny Is "Definitely Better" Than A Bunch Of Guys Currently In The League


I'm not what you'd consider a "LeBron hater" compared to the rest of the internet. I think his good outweighs his bad, I appreciate how he's one of the best to ever do it, how he has been famous since he was 16 years old and exceeded all expectations, and so on and so forth. 

I also try to empathize with how weird he is, how corny he can be, and how strange he acts from time to time. The lying, the "Tacoooooo Tuesdayyyyyy" things, the Godfather book, etc. Obviously the dude is a weirdo- most people with that level of fame and skill generally are. Across all fields, the people who rise to the top are generally weird as fuck. So I usually just shrug and say yeah, well, LeBron is a weird egg, is what it is.

But then he sends tweets out like the above and it's like come onnnnn man, I'm trying to to defend you over here! He's talked nonstop in the past about how he doesn't want Bronny to feel pressure and how he didn't want Bronny to feel he had to live up to him...and then he sends out a tweet saying Bronny is already better than guys currently in the NBA. Ah. Ok.


Now, I do appreciate him hyping his kid. That's awesome. A good dad always hypes his kid. So perhaps he's changed his tune on the expectations thing. But Bronny doesn't need those extra expectations or added pressure...I think being named BRONNY JAMES does that plenty!!! 

Now, this guy on Twitter does make a good point:



And Grant Williams did go viral earlier in the night. 

So I will say after a few glasses of the sheesh LBJ sent out a reckless tweet, whomst amongst us hasn't? 

And for those wondering if it's true, is Bronny good enough to play in the league right now? Ehhh. I mean he could probably get some garbage minutes. He's a 4 star recruit and McDonald's All-American. Time will tell if he will actually become a true NBA prospect though.