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Report: The Rams And 49ers Appear To Be Headed For a Fight To Sign Baker Mayfield For The 2023 Season

Baker Mayfield deserves another shot at starting for an NFL team. This next opportunity would be his 3rd chance, but it makes sense. I feel like it gets forgotten that he took one of the worst franchises in football history to the playoffs and had a pretty good career there. Injuries derailed his stay in Cleveland and he was promptly thrown into a dumpster fire of an organization in Carolina.  There in just one season he saw their best player get traded away, witnessed his own head coach get fired, all while dealing with the worst O-line in the game. 

Then found his way to the Rams and beat the Raiders with one day's knowledge of the playbook. He was the old Baker with McVay and honestly just looked like he was having fun. People enjoy making fun of him, but the reality is that he can still win games for teams and is a lot better than most of the starting QBs in the league. 

I think both of the Rams and Niners are perfect for him. There is a lot of uncertainty with Matt Stafford coming back and how his arm is going to be. The 49ers are interesting because I also think Shanahan would be a great fit for Baker and he doesn't have to do much with how good their system is. Brock Purdy most likely won't be ready to start the season and Trey Lance simply hasn't played football in about 3 years. Baker starting for them and seeing how he does until Purdy comes back would be awesome. That would be the ultimate test if he still has that premier talent because it is to be believed that anyone can play QB for them and win if they don't turn the ball over. 

All of you people who think Baker is a bad QB just don't know ball. No matter how good you are it's so hard to succeed if the coaching staff and organization as a whole are a debacle. Patrick Mahomes is an amazing QB but it does help that Andy Reid is a perfect fit for him. 

I think getting let go last year and playing for the Rams extended his career for much longer. 2023 could very well be his Geno Smith year. If he gets a chance with the right team he will be the talk of the NFL. I was one year too early on him, but my eye for talent is there. I can't wait to see Baker kill in next year.