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Watch This When You're High - Why Do We Dream?

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Shout out to @marwin96 for this suggestion.

I’m a weirdo sleeper. I talk, walk, fight, and have conversations in my sleep. My dreams are nuts most of the time too. The first time I saw “Inception” I couldn’t stand up and walk out of the theatre for like 15 minutes because I my brain was in such a pretzel. 

Dreaming is fucking crazy when you think about it. 

Some people think of dreams as just random brain activity that has no ultimate meaning. This hypothesis is called the “Activation Synthesis Hypothesis” which tells us that dreams do not have any meaning in the real purpose of life. The brain processes random thoughts and put together images that are stored in memory storage. Even the events happening in dreams are not very well coordinated but humans when waking up, form a story of those desynchronized events to make sense of it. 

Sleeping, awakening, and dreaming are three states of the human brain in which it functions. 

There is a fourth state too known as the Ultimate State but this state is particularly associated with metaphysics and is defined as a state of complete consciousness like that of Shamans or Buddha. Dreams that we see are generally associated with a particular stage of the sleeping state known as the Rapid Eye Movement i.e REM stage. 

We sleep in a cycle of 90 minutes alternating between REM and Non-REM sleep. REM sleep is associated with rapid movement of the eyes when we are sleeping. This is also called Paradoxical Sleep because the brain activity as recorded in the ECG studies, shows similar data as of waking state. Dreams can occur during other stages of sleep too, but most of the dreams which we remember happen only during the REM stage.

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