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The Police In Colorado Have Decided To Open An Investigation Into Ja Morant's Actions At The Strip Club Over The Weekend

Justin Ford. Getty Images.

By now, unless you've been living under a rock, we've all heard about some rather poor decision making by Ja Morant over the weekend

As expected, the team decided it was time for him to be away for a bit and as of now nobody really knows when we'll see Ja on the floor again

Unfortunately for Ja and Grizzlies fans, this is no longer just a league or Grizzlies team issue. Based on reporting that came out today, the police in Colorado are now investigating as well

Police in Colorado said Monday they are investigating Ja Morant's actions from the weekend after the Memphis Grizzlies star posted an Instagram Live video in which he displayed what appeared to be a gun while at a nightclub.

The Glendale Police Department confirmed the incident took place at a bar in Glendale, a small enclave surrounded by Denver known for its strip clubs and shopping centers. The department said it is investigating whether Morant might have broken any gun laws.

While CO is an open carry state, there are still some issues here. For starters, it's illegal to possess a firearm while inder the influence of alcohol. Let me ask you, do you think Ja had a few drinks that night at the strip club? I don't know how you can prove that he was intoxicated, but it certainly doesn't sound great.

Then from a league issue, NBA rules prohibit a player from possessing a firearm while on team property or traveling on team business. So, did he bring the gun with him on the plane? Is it someone else's? If so, why are you flexing it? I'm no lawyer obviously, but people who are way smarter than me have done a good job of explaining what all this could mean


Who knows, maybe the legal investigation ends up not bringing any additional charges or anything and after a few games the team reinstates him. I'm pretty sure the current suspension came from the team and not the league, so maybe they add some additional games to all this?

For a team with title hopes that is in a race to the finish in a competitive West, not having Ja Morant is obviously a pretty big deal. Could Adam Silver drop the hammer and suspend him for the season? That might feel extreme, but I feel like everything has to be on the table at this point.