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Reigning Champ (And LIV Golfer) Cameron Smith Says He May Show Up At TPC Sawgrass To Watch THE PLAYERS Championship In Person

What an alpha move this would be. I have no choice but to respect the hell out of it. I'm picturing Clubber Lang lurking in the crowd while Rocky knocks out tomato cans, making his presence extremely known to his rival. Clubber Lang and Cam Smith are basically the same person. Hilarious thought if I must say so myself.

Cam Smith lives right around the corner from TPC Sawgrass. Before jumping ship to LIV, TPC Sawgrass was more or less his home course. Had a locker and practiced there regularly, brought young fellow Australian players there to help guide them in their careers, all that good stuff. There weren't many players on the PGA Tour who were more pro-Sawgrass than Cam, so when he won it last year that made for one of those classic ooey gooey storylines that golf loves so much.

Well surely that went to shit when Cam left to go to the dark side shortly after the Tour Championship, and the folks at Sawgrass did NOT take too kindly to that...

Their hands were tied. It's not like they had an option as to leave that parking spot up. But it does add a little bit of drama and it would be such a big dick move if Cam showed up just to make Jay Monahan's skin crawl. And don't get me wrong. I still don't much care for the way LIV has divided the world's best players and Cam is the best they got. But I'm just a dude who loves watching uncomfortable situations unfold. That's what made The Office so great. If that makes me a sick puppy, so be it. 

My eyes are gonna be peeled for Cam Smith all weekend. Let's get weird.