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It Seemed Impossible Without K Coaching, But Duke Reached A New Low Of Embarrassing Thanks To This Tweet

You're kidding me here right? Duke - DUKE - of all teams complaining about a call from 7 games ago? I don't know man. Maybe you could have won in overtime against Virginia. Maybe don't lose to Clemson or Virginia Tech or Wake or NC State - none of which are ranked in the top-50 of KenPom. You for sure don't tweet this from the team account when you're Duke. 

Reminder, this is the call they are still complaining about 7 games later: 

Could have won in overtime. That would have solved the complaint. But you know what, I almost, almost want to hand it to Duke. The program that has benefited from refs more than ever thanks to a certain rat face on the sidelines finally had one call go against them. They finally had to realize what it's like for everyone else in the ACC and really the country (sorry Wisconsin fans) realize what it's like. 

Rightfully every other fanbase is making fun of them for this. It's just a sad look. I didn't think it was possible without K there, but this is somehow more embarrassing than him yelling at the student section or scolding a student reporter. Actually, I don't know about that. I still can't believe K lost his shit at the student section. 

Raise the banner Duke. One call away from co-champs in the worst season of ACC history. You deserve it.