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Calvin Ridley Has Been Reinstated By The NFL




Jags fans, rejoice! This is huge for the Jaguars, who are very much on the cusp of being the new America's Team. With Trevor Lawrence about to become a superstar, a great head coach and young roster, the Jags getting Calvin Ridley back is huge for them. Ridley hasn't taken a snap since week 5 of 2021. First he stepped away for mental health issues, and then in March of last year he was suspended for betting on football. So spin zone, he is fresh as a daisy and ready to go.

Now, we can argue over if a year-long suspension if overkill for sports betting, but I think the NFL had to set the precedent that they won't tolerate it. They don't even want to entertain the slippery slope of players betting on games, and I don't blame them. With the amount of money these guys make and the stakes they could make, the NFL had to lay the hammer on Ridley to strike fear into the rest of the league. But they also did the right thing and re-activated him once the year had passed. 

It won't be easy, but a Trevor Lawrence MVP future looks pretty good. Mahomes can't win it everyyyy year, can he? Sprinkle a little on Lawrence, at worst it could be a fun sweat.