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BREAKING NEWS Sydney Sweeney Has Launched The "Sexiest Ever" Bikini Collection With Frankies Bikinis

Frankies Bikinis strikes again! The All-Female led company consistently gets some of the hottest women to rock their bikinis, normally collaborating with them on their own special collections. Gigi Hadid? Francesca Aiello? Alix Earle? EVER HEARD OF THEM? Sydney Sweeney is the latest to join the ranks of Frankies hot girls, announcing her latest collection as the "sexiest ever" swimsuit line, dropping March 14th. 

Just another thing Sydney Sweeney can check off of her Hot Girl List. Hot girls love doing bikini collabs, and I have a feeling we're going to be seeing a lot of these sexy suits on instagram this summer. I say instagram, and not in the wild, because I can't imagine anyone is casually rolling up to the beach in any of these swimsuits. These girls are on yachts, they're in the Maldives, they don't have time for you.



Grandma, still correct.