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This Buffalo Sabres Beat Writer Is An Absolute Loser For Intimidating A Kid Reporter During A Media Session

We have seen plenty of instances before that show Big J journalists taking their job WAY too seriously. Another example that was uncovered today on social media was an incident from 2019, and as you can see above, Buffalo Sabres columnist Mike Harrington was acting like an absolute LOSER while intimidating a kid reporter during a media session.

You can see a member of what looks like the Sabres media relations staff tell the little girl, "Why don't you stand in there and put your microphone out, it would be funny."  This seemed like a good idea that would make this young reporter feel like an official member of the media, but nope! This jerk has to step in and block her path to the mix...

"No, no, no, no, no, no..." - Mike Harrington

What a schmuck. Who does this guy think he is to block a kid reporter from being involved in this Q+A session? This little girl clearly got the team's approval to be included, but this loser from The Buffalo News thinks he is the boss? My goodness.

In the replies of this video, it was also revealed that the girl was named Lucy, and her dad, Chris Sykes, provided more context to the incident...

This video became public recently because of another incident that happened over the weekend regarding Harrington: he complained about the Kids Takeover PA announcer in a tweet that is now deleted.

Harrington got roasted for this, and other media members started talking about the incident that we mentioned at the top of this blog...

Since the video was released this morning, Harrington has been gettin ratio'd left and right, deservedly so.