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LeBron Tweeting About His Dream Of Watching A UNC/Duke Title Game With MJ Shows How Much Of A Loser He Is

I didn't want to write this blog but 102k likes and people still talking about has my hands tied. I also can't help but call LeBron a loser. First off, watch college basketball one time. UNC/Duke ain't gonna be the title game. UNC isn't even going to be in the Tournament unless they get hot in the ACC Tournament. They stink. I'm not even hating on them, it's just a fact. They are not a good basketball team. They are soft, can't shoot and don't make good decisions. Not exactly a winning recipe.

But then there's the fact LeBron tweeted this out. It's the most LeBron thing. Oh you just happened to be dreaming of this and watching it with MJ? Sure guy. I know people always say how no one cares about your fantasy football team or golf round, I for sure can say no one gives a flying fuck about dreams. 

I just hate everything about this tweet. The fact LeBron decided to tweet it. The fact it's UNC vs Duke in the title game a year after we had to endure that hell in the Final Four. Throwing MJ in there. No shot MJ would be shooting the shit with LeBron during a Duke/UNC title game. 

And, hey, LeBron, just say shit. See how it easy it is. Shit. Bullshit. Horseshit. Sack of shit. You can use it a variety of ways. You said ass, just say shit. 

Then again if I played for the Lakers right now I'd be tweeting about dreams too. Ain't anything positive to say about the Lakers. Congrats on being 31-34 and fighting for that 10 spot.