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WILD Video Of A Car Crashing Through A Coffee Shop While Two People Were Recording A Podcast

What, you guys thought being a podcaster was easy work? Trust me, there's soooooo much more to the art than shooting the shit on your favorite topics. You have to try to limit the amount of times you say "Um" or "Like", try to stand out from the other 857,735,912 other podcasts on the planet, and occasionally avoid distractions that could cause you to lose your train of thought and/or send you to the hospital.

Which is why this video resonated with me so much. I would've never heard of the no free ads podcast if this absurd video didn't come out. But I did due to the weird thing in the human mind that makes us click on wild videos like a car busting through a coffee shop's window as people sat inside. I'm not saying they set this all up so people would click, give a thumbs up, and subscribe. But what kind of a person would honestly record at a coffee shop when there are a bunch of people around who probably don't want to hear what they or anybody else on their show has to say or scream maniacally?

I don't know either, Mintzy! I guess these guys were at least wearing headphones though, which shows they were trying to limit the distractions for the people around them at the coffee shop, at least until a car plowed through the front window. Whether the driver accidentally was reckless as fuck or was paid to do so like that mamaluke in Happy Gilmore is really not important either.

The bottom like in these podcasters were able to keep their heads on a swivel, dusted off potentially getting manslaughtered, AND got their episode out while also reminding the world that podcasting ain't easy.