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A Mother Buys Her Kids What Was Supposed To Be A Nice Cactus Sprinkler, Turns Out To Look Like A Giant Penis

If you think about it, a ton of things look like dicks. If you haven't seen Superbad, I will quickly remind you that the best foods look like dicks. 

Additionally, one of the most underrated Twitter accounts back in the day was @LooksLikeADick  , which always cracked me up just how many things in the world look like a dick. I forget how I found that account and I thought it had a longer history of posts, but either way when I saw it I laughed, dick humor is simple but it was always make you chuckle. 

So this mom buying this cactus sprinkler ... which is in fact a plant that looks like a dick isn't shocking at all. 

Not her fault, it happens. What can you do ? The kids don't know, so I advise she just lets them enjoy it. I wouldn't have posted it on TikTok but that's just me. The spin I have here is that these sprinklers should be massively popular at Bachelorette parties.

For whatever reason, every time I see the decorations at a Bachelorette party there is penises in the background, on the cake, hanging on a banner etc. It's a odd move to me how the last celebration before marriage is decorated with a large large collection of dick accessories. It's bizarre. I even saw them do penis straws on one. Wild. 

But I guess that's the trend, and you can't change what people want at their parties. I just think if you are going to go all out with the penis accessories, at this point might as well have a big old penis sprinkler right? Businesses are all about pivoting and now that the words on these aren't kid friendly, start pushing them on bachelorette parties. If not, this company is going to be stuck with a warehouse full of dick looking sprinklers.