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Pete Davidson Drove His Car Directly Into a House in Beverly Hills

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Pete Davidson, who many have called the hottest man in showbizness drove his cool Mercedes directly into a home in Beverly Hills on Saturday night. Nobody was injured in the crash, and drugs and alcohol are not believed to be involved. Which means a very sober Pete Davidson veered off the road entirely, ramped a curb, blew through a fire hydrant, and rammed the front of his Mercedes into the side of a house. 

What has to happen for a 29-old man of sound mind and body to soberly drive his vehicle into a home in Beverly Hills? It's an impressive feat. It seems like it's been a few weeks since I've seen any Pete Davidson related news. Maybe the celebrity power couple of Pete Davidson & Chase Sui-Wonders hasn't been moving the needle enough, so they decided to ram a home to drum up some headlines. Or maybe his eyes were too swollen underneath a pair of wraparound blackout shades to see the road. Or maybe attending the Dayton 500 last weekend gave Pete a need for speed that he simply couldn't contain. 

Since there were no injuries, I will say that there is something inherently funny about driving into someone's house. Houses are nowhere near the road! Whenever I hear of it happening, I can't help but laugh. It's such an egregious driving mistake. Which reminds me of one of the low-key funniest moments in Barstool Sports history, when the same woman drove her vehicle into the the Milton office TWICE. 

God damn it. It happened again. At that point you have to wonder if Barstool is to blame. Run into my office once, shame on you. Run into my office twice, maybe we shouldn't have our office there. 

Anyways, Pete Davidson drove his car into a house. Egg on his face. Not much more to the story, just felt like that should go on the blog.