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This Guy Unclogging Drains On TikTok Is The Most Unfathomably Satisfying Shit On The Internet

You've seen pimple popping. Earwax removal. Kinetic sand. But I guarantee that you have not seen anything that is 1 percent as satisfying as this guy unclogging drains.

That tweet has 19 million views in less than 24 hours. People can't stop watching this guy unclog drains — and understandably so. Each video is somehow more satisfying than the one before it.

I hope this guy makes millions of dollars off this TikTok account. He deserves every blessing that comes his way.

And as someone who plays Lawn Mowing Simulator for several hours a week, I'd pay a pretty penny to hop on the sticks and unclog some drains. We have EA Sports putting out the same dogshit Madden game every year while there's an entire untapped market for drain unclogging. Somebody figure it out.

Anyway, this guy rocks. Not all heroes wear capes.