Genius Idea: Networks Should Be Able To Trade/Loan Out Announcers Because The NCAA Tournament Deserves Better

I saw this tweet and started my own dumb hypothetical because I'm sitting alone in my office with my dog and no one talk to but the blog. It also is something that hits home for me. Fuck Reggie Miller. I'm glad he's out. Reggie Miller is up there as easily one of my 3 most hated athletes of all time. I will always and forever be fuck Reggie Miller. So see ya, Reg. Enjoy the Wendy's commercials. 

In comes Stan Van Gundy for the NCAA Tournament. Sure, whatever. What it's doing though is showing how much us college basketball fans deserve better. This is nothing against SVG. But he's an NBA guy. Why do we keep loading up on NBA guys for the greatest college basketball event? I understand it's all tied to Turner and CBS but it sucks. 

We need networks to agree for the greater good on trading announcers like 10-day contracts. What else are college basketball guys doing in March? Trade a college basketball guy to CBS for like a baseball guy or XFL guy or something. I don't care. This is for the better of the sport. I don't need Reggie Miller. I don't need Grant Hill. I don't need Chris Webber. I don't need all these NBA guys who haven't watched a lick of college basketball calling the biggest games of the year. Hell, we used to have it. Raft always had a deal with CBS when he was ESPN (and now FOX). But Bilas called games and he was always an ESPN guy. Why can't we get that back? 

Here's what we need. Here are my dream 8 announcing crews in order:

Jim Nantz/Bill Raftery - the ultimate big game voice. You hear these two, you think Final Four. I know people are whatever on Nantz but he's got the big game voice, he gets dibs. Raft is the greatest human of all time so he's number 1 always and forever. 

Gus Johnson/Fran Fraschilla - Gus is the voice of the NCAA Tournament. Close your eyes, you hear him. Nobody studies the game more than Fran. Dude lives and breathes the sport, especially the Big 12. Shulman is a staple. Bam. Elite team here. 

Dan Shulman/Jim Jackson - I actually like Jackson. He's grown on me and has gotten better each year. Put him with Shulman and they are fine. They know how the game operates. 

Sean McDonough/Jay Bilas - I really wanted to bring back the old Big Monday crew with these guys and Raft but they are the only 3-man booth I like. 

Kevin Harlan/Sean Farnham - Farnham is sneaky good. If you watch late night hoops you know Farnham and he's damn good. That said, Harlan steals the show. You can put almost anyone here with Harlan and it's good. 

Ian Eagle/Robbie Hummel - This would be my number 2 or 3 team here. Eagle is elite, Hummel is the best young analyst in the game. Both have dry senses of humor and could play off each other easily.

Jason Benetti/Brendan Haywood - Benetti is awesome. Haywood is because we're running low on analysts here. 

Tom Hart/Dane Bradshaw - SEC! SEC! SEC! 

But you see the theme here? College basketball guys. Stop putting all these NBA guys everywhere. Play by play? Whatever. They can call a game because it's their job. But give me an analyst who actually knows who is playing for a team.