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Ronaldo Is Such A Little Baby He's Now Snapping At The Coolest Kid In The World Who Taunted Him With 'Messi Is Better'

Aww Ronaldo got his feelings hurt in Saudi Arabia. What a shame. It's such a great chirp by the kid too. Now its a good thing he didn't have his phone out otherwise we know Ronaldo would have destroyed it. But how can't you handle this? You know there are adults talking shit to you Ronaldo, hell, I'm right here. Chirping back at the coolest kid in the world? That's just fragile ego, which isn't shocking. 

I'd love to know what's going through Ronaldo's head here. No doubt in my mind he went to Saudi Arabia expecting everyone to praise him. Never in his wildest dreams did he think someone there would not like him. Hell, he probably assumed everyone would praise him for going to Saudi Arabia to being the face of a shit league. Then he gets hit with something you know eats him alive.

I feel like if you tell Ronaldo 'Messi is better' he snaps. It's basically like getting the 'fine' or 'k' text from your significant other. You know shit is about to go down the moment you lock eyes. Also weak ass chirp back from Ronaldo. Of course the kid would love to go see Messi. But he lives in Saudi Arabia. You think he can get to France? No. He's a kid. He's probably paying like $13 to see you play because, again, it's the Saudi Arabia soccer league. 

And just to be fair. Shout out Ronaldo for this: