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Prepare For March Madness With This MMAD (March Madnalytics) Sample Test B

Welcome back to another MMAD standardized sample test to prepare you for March Madness. While colleges continue to fade asking students to demonstrate any semblance of academic proficiency through standardized testing, this leaves you plenty of time to study for something that might actually bring you a return on your investment. Things like which 18-year olds make the most prudent bets to put your units on. This MMAD sample test will probably not help you accomplish this in any way, shape, or form, but it will make the experience more fun when you at least have some deep analytics to guide you. No loser will be as sharp as those who take the MADD seriously. 

If you missed the first sample test, don't forget to study up here. But for now, sharpen those number twos and clear out the TI-89. It's time to get MMAD.

Sample Question #1: Let's get right to what's most important - which team gives the over the best chance out of any tournament contender?

  1. Iowa State
  2. West Virginia
  3. Winona State
  4. Winona Ryder
  5. Rider Strong

Response explanations:

A. (Incorrect) You may as well just throw your money into a literal cyclone. The Cylcones have given up the 12th fewest points out of any top-68 ranked team with just 10/30 overs hitting with no pushes. 

B. (Correct) West Virginia games are 21-9-1 in hitting the over during the regular season which is #1 out of any top-68 ranked team. They're 22/68 in scoring and 47/68 in points against making them just good enough at offense and bad enough on defense to fly under market maker radars. 

Here's the play. West Virginia battles Texas Tech on Wednesday. Texas Tech is the 7th best over team at 18-11. That's an absolute hammer to (responsibly) earn some units before the real tournament even starts! I'm deeming this my Over of the Year (OOTY) at great risk of what happens with it busts (BOOTY). 

C - E: (incorrect) Lazy test making on my part. Took the W from West Virginia and let my stream of consciousness fill in the rest.

Sample Question #2: Which of the following histograms of team points scored represents the highest ranked team?

A. Team B

B. Team A


D. Didn't feel like making a fourth histogram so probably not this one

Response Explanations:

  1. (incorrect) Choice A is incorrect because Choice A is Team B (Charleston) who is ranked 53. 
  2. (incorrect) Team A is really UAB who is ranked #57, so choice B Team A (UAB) is even worse of a guess than choice A Team B because Team B (choice A) is ranked lower than UAB which is Team A (choice B) and when I say lower, I mean a higher number which means lower in this context. 
  3. UNT (correct) Obviously, we're talking about the University of Northern Texas (UNT) here. The Mean Green of North Texas have scored both the fewest points (66.7 PPG) and allowed the fewest points (55.5 PPG) of any top-68 ranked team in the nation. If you're a fan a scoring, you will not like this little UNT one bit. The Mean Green are taking basketball back three decades to the 90s and making no apologies about it. Life might be too short to bet then under, but the UNTer is a different story. I'll be UNTer betting their games for sure.
  4. (incorrect) I only needed two wrong histograms to set up the joke for choice C.

Sample Question #3: What animal mascot is the best?

  1. Bulldog 
  2. Terrier
  3. Eagle
  4. Owl
  5. Camel

Response Explanations:

  1. (correct) This question might actually take more research for an in-depth piece, but I just looked at the highest scoring games for teams this season and the Bryant Bulldogs scored the most points for any D1 team when they tore apart the Thomas Terriers out of Thomasville, Georgia. Just look at that score. Can you remember a worse dog fight thrashing suffered by a dog from Georgia? 
  2. (incorrect) Obviously
  3. (incorrect) The Northwest Indian Eagles Lost 144-59 to the Montana State Bobcats (2nd highest scoring team of the season). The Bobcats weren't included but they could make an argument for being better than a Bulldog since the Boyce Bulldogs got beat to a pulp 140-79 by the Eastern Kentucky Colonels for the 4th highest score of the season. It's a fair argument but my counter is that this is my made up standardized test. 
  4. (incorrect) The Warren Wilson Owls lost 142-74 to the Appalachian State Mountaineers so they can't say hoot.
  5. (incorrect) The Campbell Camels actually beat Appalachian State so they at least have that. But a camel has to be in the upper quartile of the upper quartile in least ferocious sounding names. 

Three questions are enough for today. Remember, spreading out study time is more productive than a one night Adderall bender. Plus, I'm kind of curious to chart out how well all animal mascots perform vs one another and make that the focus of an upcoming Sample Test. But it'll have to wait until Sample Test D. I think we all know what university deserves the focus of Sample Test C: UNT.

- Jeffro