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The World Baseball Classic Hasn't Even Officially Started And Shohei Ohtani Is Already Putting On A Show After Demolishing 2 Home Runs This Morning

While you were sleeping the best player we've ever seen decided to put on a show for his fellow countrymen. Shohei Ohtani was playing in an exhibition before the WBC kicks off in a few days and boy oh boy is it nice to see him again. He kicked off the action with a 3-run blast from his knee. A lefty version of Adrian Beltre, watching a ball fly 420 feet from one knee is a boss move. 

Everything from the sound, the swing, the crowd reaction, the pepper shaker celly around third base. This is exactly how I wanted to start my day. But thought Ohtani was done? You thought he was only going to hit 1 massively impressive 3-run tater?

He wanted to run back the 3-run homer play so he did. This was more of a traditional Ohtani homer. No dropping down to one knee, just smoking it to center again. I'm sure it's the dome but man does it make a sexy sound off his bat. Picture perfect swing and everything. What a performance by Shotime. 2 for 3 with 2 homers and 6 RBIs....and he also starts on the mound on Thursday. What a way to start your day if you're a baseball fan. It's my promise and guarantee that Ohtani is going to put on a performance for the ages in this World Baseball Classic, he's the best.