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Respect Giannis Going Full Ricky Davis And 'Cheating' To Get A Triple-Double At The Buzzer

I love this because it's going to upset people. No one actually gives a shit that Giannis got a triple-double. I mean, cool. It's Giannis, it's not like it's a career-defining moment. I find it fucking hilarious that he pulled out the Ricky Davis: 

Now the difference is obviously Giannis ain't Ricky Davis. Shout out Ricky, but Giannis is arguably the best player in the league right this second. But it's hilarious watching Giannis know what he's doing. The head nod to the bench is perfect. All that while Corey Kispert realizes what Giannis just did. You can't draw up a better scenario in this situation than Giannis pulling it off. 

Even better is the fact people losing their mind. A whole lot of 'typical new era NBA.' Giannis is the ultimate troll. I've realized that the longer he sticks around and stays great. He knows what he's doing. And, hey, maybe his wife promsied him the blowjob bell if he got a triple-double.