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Make Immanuel Quickley A Knick For Life After He Dismantled The Celtics And Danced All Over Their Grave

That right there is the hottest team in the NBA. That team is the New York Knicks. The same New York Knicks who went to Boston (without Jalen Brunson) and showed the world they are for real. You know why? Because Leon Rose is a beautiful mind who knows guys to draft. Remember this? 

Let's look at that again: 

What an idiot! 

I tried warning you about IQ in 2020

Or on Draft Night: 

Now he's just basically the best 6th man in the league and out here playing 50+ minutes and winning games without Jalen Brunson. Pretty fucking good if you ask me! And hey, it was a team game. Randle hit big shots, even with his mistakes. RJ had a great game. Josh Hart simply doesn't lose. 9-0 since he became a Knick. Mitch was a monster on the glass in the 2nd overtime. I'd prefer Grimes not fouling up 3, but hey, what can you do. Can't play a perfect game. 

If you're doubting the Knicks at this point, you're just thinking of the last 30 years. This team is different. 

The bench just beats the shit out of 2nd groups across the league. You have Brunson and Randle playing like All-Stars. Everyone knows their role. Shit, even Thibs has smiled. 

Now if you don't mind me, I'm going to watch Immanuel Quickley dance all night

And hit the motherfucking music