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This Kid Is Awesome For Dunking, But No Hoop In Youth Basketball Should Ever Be That Low

This is going to be a shock to some people, especially after I lambasted the 3rd graders who were dancing a few weeks back, but this is awesome. 

I absolutely love this. Basketball is becoming very analysis driven. Efficient shots is the name of the game and there’s no shot more efficient than a dunk. So this kid taking it all the way to the cup and slamming it home is a very smart, efficient play. Great play. He could be a member of the best team in the country, Alabama, in 16 years when it’s time to commit if he’s lucky. Just a reminder, Coach Oats is very much an analytics guy, so he would fit well in the system. 

The issue I have here is with whoever is running this league. The hoop can never be allow enough to be dunked on at ANY age in youth sports. Now if a kid can dunk in 8th grade god bless them. But you cannot have a hoop be low enough for a 6 year old to dunk. Can’t happen. There has to be some line between teaching the kids the game but keeping it realistic. Kids are supposed to have to put effort in to reach the hoop. Lower it to 8 feet or 6 feet if you want but you can’t be letting kids play on a Fisher Price (no free ads) hoop like they are in their basement doing a dunk contest. That’s Mickey Mouse shit. What is this league doing? Sounds like they need a director of operations in the worst way. I may know a guy …