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Welcome To The Family: Behind The Scenes Of Team Italy At The 2023 WBC With Vinnie Pasquantino

The Pasquantino Family Vlog series is a real time look behind the scenes of Team Italy in the 2023 WBC through the eyes of Vinnie Pasquantino. 

Experts in the game unanimously say he's The Next Great Hitter. His numbers and track record certainly back up the hype. Teammates laugh that you can hear his batting practice from the parking lot. Others say he got hot in little league and never cooled off. Most find themselves calling upon baseball's sacred word when describing his game

...he's a Natural

Like something out of a Fantasy novel. An unknown descendant from an ancient line of Pure Left Handed Hitters emerging from relative obscurity to defend the thrown of Common Men everywhere. 


Maybe that's dramatic. Whatever. 

Truth be told, it's a gigantic privilege to introduce more people to Vinnie Pasquantino of the Kansas City Royals. You've heard Rico talk about him before and that's because Rico does his homework and Vinnie mashes baseballs. He's not completely unknown to stoolies. 

But broader scale and outside our universe, he's legitimately - no bullshit - one of the best young players in baseball. And we're not putting pressure on him when we say that. He knows he rakes. This isn't a nervous virgin learning a playbook. Kid can hit. 

He's also remarkably normal. I cannot stress that enough. I mean he might as well be your fuckin childhood neighbor with the relatability. 

Same time he's also a world class athlete in the midst of baseball's flagship international competition. So there's a sense of duality in the man worthy of your respect. He'll help you move a piece of a furniture, sure. But he can also turn on 98 (with late cut) and takeover a ballgame. Pick your poison. 

Personally, I'm honored. Yes HONORED. That I get to help Vinnie tell this story to people. 

But it's not about me. 

It's about Vinnie, the youngest qualified Designated Hitter in MLB by nearly 5 years. 

He's in Taiwan right now playing in the World Baseball Classic and he would like to show you around. 

Follow him here: 

(warning, massive Jets fan) 


Let the tape talk: