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Introducing Kennesaw State: The Newest NCAA Tournament Team And Biggest Cinderella Story In All Of College Hoops

I don't think it's hyperbole to say Kennesaw State making the NCAA Tournament is the biggest Cinderella story in all of college hoops. Don't get me wrong, there are awesome stories all around. But they never had a winning season in Division I - joined in 2005. They won 1 single game four years ago. Yet here they are. They were the 1 seed in the A-Sun and just hit a free throw to get their (obvious) first ever NCAA Tournament bid.

Don't get me wrong, this team is good. Chris Youngblood is awesome. Terrell Burden is a damn good point guard who can take over a game, like today. But this is about coaching. Amir Abdur-Rahim (Shareef's brother) took over this program and his first year was that 1-win season. Now he has them here. 


You can look at any stat. The small ass program in Georgia. The fact they were picked 8th in the A-Sun in the preseason. The history of the program. Whatever. This is one of the biggest surprises from start to end of season I can remember. Also just keep conference tournaments. I can't believe there are people who even suggested getting rid of them. They fucking deliver every time. This game was awesome. 

Shout out Kennesaw State man.