MARCH MADNESS IS (Basically) HERE - Cam Wynter Hits Back-To-Back Buzzer Beaters To Keep PSU's Season Alive

Every day there's gonna be something like this. The moment we realize that this sport, no matter the level, always fucking delivers. Can it be dumb? Yeah, a lot of the time in fact. Players make dumb decisions every single game. But we also get to see these moments. Cam Wynter hitting his second buzzer beater this week: 

Next week might be my favorite week of the season. Just games every single day from noon until 2am. Yes the NCAA Tournament is better, but conference tournament week is my favorite. That said, this weekend always has mayhem. You have some mid-major conference tournaments going on at the same time high majors like PSU try to save their season.

They did.

PSU should make the NCAA Tournament. They are going to finish the season at 19-12, 10-10 in conference play and around 45 in KenPom. That's typically good enough to make the NCAA Tournament. Before today's game they were the 2nd team out on BracketMatrix. Oh and remember Micah Shrewsberry's name in the Notre Dame search. It will come up. 

Either way, ridiculous. Have PSU doing that as Houston is up 2 under a minute to go at Memphis. 7 seed Campbell is leading 1 seed UNC Asheville by 5 in the second half for the Big South bid and we still have the A-Sun and MVC title games today. Best time of the year.