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In A Now Deleted Tweet Nats Prospect Robert Hassell III Seemingly Has A Death Wish After Telling Max Scherzer That He Should "Throw The Ball Before it Hits 0 Like The Rules Say"

Ummmm, Robert… you know who you're shit talking right now? Don't you not that you aren't supposed to poke the bear? I mean, he just signed his own death wish. Scherzer let the Mets media know that he hoped some umpires would be lenient with the pitch clock situation going forward and for some reason Hassell decided to jump right into the convo and tweet his thoughts on it. A VERY bold statement to make to a guy who quite frankly does not give a shit about what anyone else has to say. Scherzer doesn't need any bulletin board material but you know damn right he won't forget this for when Hassell eventually gets called up to the bigs and has to face Mad Max. He's going to be tip toeing into the box like he's Henry Rowengartner the first time he has to face the future Hall of Famer. This is like telling Mike Tyson that he should learn to punch harder. Like telling Kobe Bryant that he should practice more. Like telling Tom Brady that he's too old. This probably won't work out for you in the long run. 

The tweet promptly was deleted a few minutes later after I assume front office members of the Nationals didn't want a national incident on their hands. If I'm Hassell I may plan an exit strategy if I know I'm facing Scherzer in a few days. Maybe pull up limp going to first? Tweak an oblique a week or 2 before your next meeting? Just something to get you out of the game so Scherzer doesn't try to eat you alive on the diamond. And it's not like this was some inside joke between friends, as Hassell came over to the Nats in the Juan Soto trade so he and Max never overlapped in DC. 

Ballsy move by the youngster, very ballsy. We've all seen what happens when the new young lion tries to take over the pride and show the alpha male who's boss. Doesn't really work out for the young guns. I think it is all a very smart idea if we pray for Robert Hassell III going forward in his adventures vs Max Scherzer.