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Jon Jones Makes QUICK WORK Of Ciryl Gane And Submits Him In 2 Minutes

Welp. That was easy.

I mean - are you kidding me? That wasn't even close. I'd go as far as saying it was a mismatch for the ages after seeing that fight. Jon Jones made that look about as easy as tying his shoes in the morning!

After some controversy over toe tape on his way to the octagon, Jones returned to the UFC for the first time in three years, and got kicked in the balls immediately by Cyril Gane….

….but Jones then immediately took Gane down and submitted him - literally without breaking a sweat. That kick to the cock was literally the only offense Gane was able to land all night.

Honestly - I think I'd do about exactly the same as Ciryl Gane did against Jon Jones. I'd open the fight with a nut shot, and then instantly get killed by him. I could've headlined UFC 285 tonight. It was almost anti-climatic to see Jones end that fight with as little effort as he put in, but hey - that's why he's the GOAT, right?! GOATs do GOAT shit…even after a long layoff and move up to heavyweight.

It does now seem like Jon Jones vs Stipe Miocic is the obvious fight to make, hopefully for International Fight Week in July, and both fighters are down already….

I'd love to see that fight, and think Stipe presents Jon Jones with a hell of a lot more problems than Gane - he could wrestle, for one.

Overall, though, UFC 285 was an awesome card that absolutely lived up to the hype. Great night for the company.

Congrats to Jon Jones, and the new UFC Women's Flyweight Champ Alexa Grasso!