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Bo Nickal is EXACTLY who we thought he is. 

What a performance from the former Penn State wrestler in his UFC debut. 

Nickal came out REAL hot and threw a high kick that took him way off balance to start, but quickly tied Jamie Pickett up, pushed him against the fence - possibly hit a low blow? - and then got him to the ground with a takedown and squeezed the life out of him shortly afterwards. Pickett really hung in there for as long as he possibly could, and tried to fight through the submission attempts, but Bo is just built different.

Oh, and on the low blow - check this out....

Though obviously not intentional from Bo, I thought it seemed obvious in real time and I'm shocked it wasn't noticed - I mean, Pickett clearly made the "I just got kicked in the balls" face here!

I truly don't think it changed the outcome of the fight at all, though - no disrespect to Pickett but that was always how Bo's UFC debut was gonna go; quick Round 1 submission. 

I don't know what you do with a guy like Bo - do you take it easy with him and try to build him slowly, as he's only been doing MMA for like a year and a half, or will he go on a Khamzat type run quickly? I lean that latter, to be honest, be we'll see.

We had Bo Nickal on the Spinnin Backfist MMA Show this week, so check that out below if you're interested….

(Bo interview starts at 28:06)