Duke Wins And UNC Who Was Preseason #1 Will Need A Miracle To Make The Tournament

This is the most underrated team in college basketball. I know it sounds crazy but Duke is very underrated this year, nobody is talking about them to win it all. They don't have that one starter that people know about, they just have a complete fucking team that will be heard in March. 

UNC on the other hand should be embarrassed and honestly should be moved to D2 after this year. To start the season off at preseason #1 and not make the tournament has never happened but it's going to happen this year. That sad sack of a team is an absolute joke and we just dummied them so bad. They still live in the past and talk about it like they are still relevant outside of when they play Duke. But I will say this- you are an absolute moron if you think this rivalry doesn't have the juice still because that game was amazing, but obviously Duke is going to win em all. Watch out for Duke in March because they are about to make a run.