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Livvy Dunne's LSU Gymnastics Teammate KJ Johnson Should Also Be On Your Radar

The Sun - LSU gymnasts Olivia Dunne and KJ Johnson have sent fans into a frenzy with a teasing "double trouble" picture.

TikTok star Dunne, 20, joined up with her teammate for a snap ahead of this Friday's meet in Baton Rouge.

Earlier this season, KJ earned her first honor as she was named SEC Specialist of the Week on February 7.

While the Dallas native has shown out on floor and vault, owning a season-high score of 9.950.

Johnson boasts 33,000 followers on Instagram and shared a snap of her and Dunne embracing in their LSU leotards.

Johnson captioned the snap: "Double the trouble."

I’m not sure who handles the recruiting for LSU gymnastics, but give that woman or man a raise. 

This team is a powerhouse (I think?) on the mats and beams, as well as in the media landscape.

Not since the days of McKayla Maroney has womens gymnastics been so hot in the streets. And appearing in the NY Post, all over social media, and here on Barstool Sports, on an almost daily basis.

LSU Gymnastics is like a traveling circus right now, selling out arenas for competitions all around the country. With officials needing to beef up security and ask spectators to calm down and control themselves like it's a Justin Bieber concert or something.

And that's because of that little vixen Olivia Dunne and Dunne-mania.

But her friend and teammate KJ Johnson was the talk of the interwebs over the weekend after Olivia dropped that tiktok above.

After some brief investigative work, here she is-