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LSU Was Forced To Issue A Statement After Olivia Dunne's Latest TikTok Encouraged Fans “To Cheat”

The Sun- OLIVIA Dunne was in hot water with her college after a video which encouraged fans to 'cheat'.

The gymnastics superstar forced LSU to release a statement in response to a TikTok clip.

Dunne shared a paid partnership post which appeared to promote a 'paragraph generator'.

In the video she wrote: "Need to get my creativity flowing for my essay due at midnight."

And the caption read: "Caktus will provide real resources for you to cite at the end of your essays and paragraphs."

Fans predicted that Dunne would be in trouble with her college bosses for the post to her seven million followers.

This is just marketing 101 right here ladies and gentlemen. Whoever this AI company is clearly asked their AI bot, "what do we do to get the best bang for our buck with our advertising budget?" 

And as much as I hate to admit it, that devil-brained computer spit out "hire Olivia Dunne to film a tik tok telling her legions of college kid followers (and creepy internet smut bloggers) to use me." 

Bada bing bada boom and here we are.

The Sun, Fox News, NY Post, etc are all running this story, further blowing up the amount of tik tok views. And now you can add former Stool-a-palooza DJ and Barstool blogger running the story as well. 

Sue me. 

But the numbers never lie on all of Olivia's posts.