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It's A Miracle Texas A&M Actually Beat Alabama After Making One Of The Dumbest Bad Juju Decisions

This is some sort of bad juju that didn't matter. You don't prevent a storm. You embrace it. It's college. I know the SEC tries to fine schools all the time, but no one gives a shit. Every single team storms a field/court. But look at Tommy using the disguise. That's why you bring a guy from Fordham who once went by Alarmingly Stupid on the trip. For quick thinking like this. 

Now don't get me wrong. This wasn't an upset. A&M was a small favorite at tip. But it's still massive. It showed A&M is for real and took away any doubts of an NCAA Tournament berth or anything weird like this. They have a legit star in Wade Taylor. They rebound and defend their ass off, not shocking since it's Buzz Williams. But their guards are legit. That's how you win in March. 

But either way, storm the fucking court. I know we like to make fun of A&M here, but this is warranted. I'm pro court storm for any team not named Kentucky. College kids are dumb, let them have fun. The team agreed to let Alabama get out of there with no handshake so now this looks even weirder. You're A&M basketball and Acie Law ain't there anymore. Go storm that court.