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Julius Randle's Entire Tenure As A Knick Was Summed Up In A Wild 30 Second Sequence That Ended With Him Giving The Knicks Their 8th Win In A Row

Perfectly said @NBA_NewYork! There is no more succinct breakdown of the rollercoaster ride Knicks fans have gone on with Julius Randle over the last four years than that 30 second clip. A backbreaking awful turnover, the team politely asking Randle to be the hero, absolute chaos as Randle tried to dribble in traffic where you question if he is a double agent for the other team, and then pure ecstasy as he somehow hits a big shot fading away where you yell NO NO NO YES!!!

Or in this case, we got the very rare DOUBLE BANG from Mike Breen.

I've seen many Knicks games end exactly like that except the ball goes off the back rim or trickles out of bounds, sp well done again Julius. You took a bunch of shit as the Knicks "consolation prize" when the Nets got KD and Kyrie, became an All NBA player out of the blue the next season, then engaged in the zero-sum game of feuding with New York fans during last year's nightmare, and is now back to All-Star status on a good, fun team that is the hottest in The Association that just extinguished the Heat.

Damn it's fun to be a Knicks fan these days.