Man Attempts To Cook Meth On New York City Subway

First things first, this was not my subway meth lab. In light of recent events, that would be the easy joke to make. Luckily, the picture of me looking like T-800 from Terminator if T-800 had AIDS is long gone. That's the great thing about the internet. Things like bad pictures typically die out after a day or 2 and are never brought up again. I'm not even sure if you can still find it.

Now that's out of the way, is a presumably homeless man turning a subway car into a meth lab really that bad? For starters, it's not "really" a meth lab. I don't know a lot about meth (contrary to what you might read online), but I am under the impression that you need some sort of heat source to cook it, correct? To call this a meth lab is an insult to meth labs. You can't just crush up a bunch of over the counter drugs, mix em' up on a bench and create sweet sweet meth. Meth labs are way cooler, and far more life threatening than this.

Assuming this man was minding his own business (as meth addicts are known to do). there are plenty of other things I would rather not see on a train than this allergy medicine & dog food buffet. For example, while I was looking normal on my train ride to the Tungsten Federation of Greater New York meeting the other day, there was a large woman eating BBQ sunflower seeds and spitting them all over the train floor. It was disgusting. At least that allergy medication looks sterile. 

Have you ever seen a subway flash mob, or concert or whatever this bullshit is?

Or this alternative band playing a concert on a train packed shoulder to shoulder?

I would argue that adding a homeless meth addict to either of those 2 train concerts would have improved the situation. Tell me, if you're sitting on the subway, would you rather the Karma Chameleon crew break out into song? Or have this crazy homeless man perform his "Gay means happy, and happy means gay" routine?


I'll take the homeless man 10 out of 10 times. Of the 4 situations mentioned in this blog, here's how I would rank them based on what I would rather see on the subway.

1. Homeless Man "Gay means happy" routine
2. Meth lab
3. Alternative Band on crowded subway
136. Karma Chameleon flash mom

My point is, assuming it's not going to explode, a train meth lab is the least of my worries when riding the subway. I suppose if the man with the meth lab did have a heat source, or the proper chemicals, or whatever it takes to cause a meth lab explosion, I would have to revise my rankings.

1. Homeless Man "Gay means happy" routine
2. Alternative Band on crowded subway.
3. Meth lab that explodes and kills everyone
136. Karma Chameleon flash mob

Meth really isn't that bad if you think about it.