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Big Booty Daddy Gets Paid ZERO Dollars Tonight Unless He Lands A Knockout At RNR20

ONLY HOURS AWAY FROM ROUGH N' ROWDY 20!!! The fight above isn't even a main event and that should tell you everything about how incredible this RNR20 card is. We have 20 brawls confirmed, with 3 title fights and the new ring girl contest hosted by Jerry Fragrance & Large after our main events. 

Vicky D vs Cherry Bomb for the Women's Lightweight Title

Make It Happen vs Lights Out Laing for the Light Heavyweight Title

Appalachian Assassin vs American Redneck for the Super Heavyweight Title

plus a few #1 contender matchups, the Abel brothers, Diamond Hands, a cop, a firefighter, a candidate for West Virginia Governor, and plenty of (0-0) locals ready for pure unadulterated violence. Check out the matchup thread + fight order below and order with 48 hour replay on

Broadcast starts at 8 pm ET...