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It Is My (Far From Expert) Opinion That Tommy “Don Juan” Is Going To Steal The Show At Rough N Rowdy Tonight

 Rough N Rowdy always delivers. ALWAYS. You have a terrific broadcast with Dave, Dan and Robbie. This year has a new twist with Large as a referee, a monster heavyweight fight with Bobby Laing vs Make It Happen, Vickie D vs Cherry Bomb, The Abel Brothers, and a ton of electric fights. 


We also have the ring girl competition with Large and Jersey Jerry. 


It always seems like one fight at these events never gets talked about yet becomes the moment everyone is talking about.  My prediction is that Tommy “Don Juan” from Staten Island will be the guy we are all talking about at the end of the night. 

Look at this kid. Talks the talk, hopefully walks the walk. A fireman from Staten Island who looks like he dances at Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs on the weekend with a DJ company. 

All time Italian vibes that I would love to see deliver an all time knockout. 

That’s the great thing about Rough N Rowdy … the unscripted, off the wall moments you never expect. Go give us a memory Tommy “Don Juan”. The whole city will be watching.