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Sal Licata Had A Mental Breakdown On Air Because He Still Refuses To Accept Responsibility For Guaranteeing The Mets Had Won The 2022 NL East In May

Damn, I had forgotten how much I love this video.

You may remember out friend Sal Licata here from his May 2022 proclamation, equal parts simpleminded and emphatic, that the New York Mets had wrapped up the NL East and wouldn't be challenged. Obviously, we all know how that turned out. And if you had forgotten about Sal — which is completely understandable, given this moronic take is the only reason virtually anyone would know his name — Mets fans sure haven't.

With the 2023 season less than a month away, Sal is still refusing to take any responsibility for his stupidity and is lashing out at the Mets faithful. Very tough scenes!

That's just great stuff. They can't even make it to Opening Day without the meltdowns beginning. I love this fanbase so, so much.

Is it Sal Licata's fault the Mets authored one of the greatest collapses in the history of professional baseball? Not really, that's more attributable to the fact they weren't all that good to begin with and relied on two months of insane luck in their favor and against the Braves to be in the position to even have a 10.5-game lead. But when you make a fool out of yourself and film that take — and then proceed to make it your entire personality for four months — you forfeit any right to call anyone else an idiot.

I'm excited to get to watch the Braves play baseball again and hopefully win the NL East for a sixth consecutive season. I'm far more excited, though, to get to witness another six-month descent into madness from Mets fans. It's the most wonderful time of the year.