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A Lady "Accidentally" Did a $2,500 Slot Machine Spin and Hit The $1.1 Million Jackpot


I love this woman so much. I want to get on one knee and propose. I want to fan her with a giant leaf and feed her grapes. Because any woman who can "accidentally" do a $2,500 spin on a slot machine is more or less the love of my life. Because lord knows how much she is down lifetime in slots if she had $20k in the machine before hitting the jackpot. I'd be willing to say she still hasn't broken even. And that's why she's the best. 

And the question then is- what is the biggest "mistake" you've made that paid off? I put "mistake" in quotes because I don't fully believe you can accidentally max-bet, but then again, a few vodka soders can make you do wild things. 

My best story about failing upwards is senior year of college I got kicked out of a bar (I didn't do anything bad- it was cold outside and so I had my winter coat on and had a beer in my pocket that I brought into the bar without thinking...and then I realized it when I got inside the bar so I went into the bathroom to drink it and there was a bouncer in the bathroom so he kicked me out), I had like $800 in my bank account, deposited $109 onto PokerStars and played a turbo, and final tabled it. The next day I played the $215 Sunday Million and went deep in that for like, $4k. So getting soberly kicked out of a bar (shout out Santa Fe Cafe in College Park, RIP) ended up being a great thing for my bankroll!

And of course we all have the opposite story which is why you MUST gamble responsibly. 

You also should listen to the Cracking Aces podcast. We just had on a gambling tax expert and it was very interesting and honestly everyone reading this could benefit from it. He told us about how taxes work for both professionals and amateurs, what "writing off losses" really means, and how the laws change state to state.



Thanks to everyone who listens! And all hail General Spank!