You Have To Be An Absolute Lunatic To Fish In Shark Infested Waters

That right there is reason number 498,618,572 why the ocean is a place for only the most deranged and maniacal people on the planet Earth to hang out in (No offense Sydnie Wells or the plethora of loyal Barstool fans working in the fishing industry). 

Now I know there are people out there saying "Clem you ignorant slut. Those big bad sharks are in the water and the people are on a boat, where the sharks cannot live". Well Mr. Tough Guy/Girl, what do you do when one of the millions of sharks engaging in a food orgy under your feet decides to jump on board because they are sick of eating fish and want to sample of much more rare delicacy in human like this crazy son of a bitch?

Times that by a few dozen in this scenario since sharks are notorious copycats that would jump off the Brooklyn Bridge if their did the same (along with having the ability to breathe air along with the legs necessary to walk on said bridge) and you know what happens to your boat? It is underwater with all the sharks and the fish they are devouring before they move on to turning you into chum. No fucking thank you. #TeamLand for life.