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XFL Quarterback Quinten Dormady Was Released After Reportedly Giving Opponents His Own Team's Playbook


Firstly, I can't believe Quinten Dormady is was getting paid to play football. If you asked me what the quarterback who led Tennessee's worst team of all-time was doing now, I'd have guessed he was selling insurance somewhere. And I guess that's probably what he'll be doing from here on out after giving the Orlando Guardians' playbook to anyone who asked for it.

This story can't end here, though. We have to know what Dormady was getting in return for being a double agent. An espionage saga could actually be the best thing to happen to the XFL, honestly. The Rock should 1) draw this story out as long as possible and 2) send Dormady a check in the mail for drumming up the first bit of real interest I'm sure many people have had in the league.

Guardians coach Terrell Buckley can at least take solace in the fact his team was being sabotaged during its 0-2 start and that problem has seemingly been fixed, I guess.

I want more stories like this from the XFL. Nobody cares about a straightforward spring football league with NFL practice squad-level players. Plant a saboteur on every team and make the coaching staff figure out who it is. Have a camera crew with every team making a league-wide Hard Knocks-style show trying to find the mole giving out the playbook. Now that's something I'm tuning in for.

One down, seven to go.