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Just Your Average, Ho-Hum Brazilian Soccer Match Where A Team's President Tried To Attack The Ref With A Corner Flag

[Source] - Sergipe, who play in the fourth tier of Brazilian football, were leading until the 90th minute - when nine minutes of stoppage time were added. And after Botofogo failed to score in that period, a further 30 seconds were added on for the corners.

In the Brazilian Cup, in the event of a draw, the away side goes through. As a result, Sergipe's president Ernan Sena attacked referee Braulio da Silva with the corner flag - before Sena was hit with one of the linesman's flag in the face.

Botafogo's coach Luis Castro was also targeted by players - as they were irate with the result. Reports from Brazil suggest a mug was thrown in the direction of Castro as he left the field.

Here's your ho-hum Brazilian Cup match. Almost a good story. We almost got the upset. But then, of course, the bigger club won and all hell broke loose. What else do you expect? Peace? Come on. It's Brazilian soccer. This makes the SEC look weak. This makes Raiders fans look normal. There was no other outcome here than team's President attacks a ref with a corner flag. Smart. Use any weapon on the field you can if you're going to attack a ref. 

I do love the random kicking in the video. Way to stay true to form, fellas. Can't let the story get out of control here. Maybe mix in a slap or two. That said, I love that they snuck in the fact a mug was thrown at the opposing coach. Where'd that mug come from? Who the hell throws a mug? Again, creativity. But what the hell? 

Oh and we all can agree the Brazilian Cup has the dumbest rule of all time. A tie means the away team advances? I'm sorry. Back when I played there was a thing called winning. You win to advance. It's called survive and advance for a reason. Not tie and hope for the best. Fuck that. We gotta come together as a soccer community and fix that dumbass rule. 

Having riot police at a soccer match is peak Brazil though. They were ready for action.