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Adam Schefter Broke Major Lamar Jackson News On Today's Pardon My Take

Godofredo A Vásquez. Shutterstock Images.

On today's Pardon My Take… ADAM SCHEFTER! The longtime recurring guest and NFL Insider for ESPN joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter live from Indianapolis at the NFL Combine to break down the biggest storylines of the offseason, the time he went shirtless on Monday Night Football, his friendship discoveries, and much more.

As a guy who breaks news for a living, Schefter always has to be connected. So with that in mind, he had his two phones on the table throughout the full duration of this interview, and in the middle of his conversation with the guys, he got a text. Here is how that exchange went down…

Lamar Jackson to the Washington Commanders?! Could PFT's dream be coming true right before our eyes?! That appeared to be the case, as Schefter's phone lit up with evidence to prove that the Louisville product was relocating within the DMV area. However, at the end of the interview, Schefter revealed that this whole chain of events was a prank, along with the help of fellow Big J Ari Meirov. Schefter had PFT (and Steven Cheah, who was in the room) with their jaws on the floor…

Unfortunately, the fellas got got. And at the time that this blog is being written, Lamar Jackson is still a free agent.