CHOO! CHOO! All Aboard The Dortmund Bandwagon In The Bundesliga

I don't mean to talk SPORTS on this here blog, but I had to reel you in somehow. Once again, Clem was ahead of the curve. Back during COVID, he decided to pick a Bundesliga team: 

Little did he know that that handsome fella would also pick the team as Kim Schwester. Clem and Kim, basically pass as siblings if you ask me. Shit, they both like cereal! 

Anyways, the Snack God was right. There was plenty to like about Dortmund. They have our very own Gio Reyna. They have an awesome fanbase. The stadium is sick. Yellow and black is a damn near elite color scheme. But they also have one of the most attractive fans in the world - Kim, not Clem. 

Now they are currently tied with Bayern at the top of the Bundesliga with 46 points. We're gonna need to go all in on them and make sure they keep Kim happy here. Fuck Bayern. 

Everyone say hi to Kim and be cool about it.