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Watch This Scumbag SIU-Edwardsville Player Deliver A Nasty Sucker Punch Right To The Face Of An Opponent On The Court

Jesus. That's a right hook. That's also a sucker punch. Listen, the UT-Martin guy is acting like an asshole, but you simply can't throw that punch there. No excuses for that one. It's as low as low gets. But then there's apparently parents brawling in the stands. I mean what the hell is going on out here?

Even weirder - SIU-Edwardsville shot free throws after this because two UT-Martin players got ejected. Sure. That makes sense. Feel like we need to implement some common sense rules to sports. If you get punched in the face, your team gets the two free throws. That seems like how it should work out. 

I just don't get how you throw that punch. Have a brain one time. Don't be a fucking scumbag. I don't care if SIU-E wins this game (they are up 1 right now), you can't let him play the rest of the season. No way. That's as dirty of a punch as I can remember in some time.